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TunnelBlick & Snow Leopard w/K64

As TUN/TAP KEXTs are 32-bit only (as of 3.0b18/576), you will need a proper 64-bit/Universal KEXT to use TunnelBlick with K64 enabled Snow Leopard.

Here is how to:

  1. -> tuntap.10.6.tar.gz
  2. extract the gz archive (e.g. by double-click on it in Finder)
  3. close TunnelBlick (either by kill, if old version or by Quit from context menu)
  4. assuming, the archive was extracted in ~/Downloads:
    1. open (e.g. using Spotlight / Quicksilver)
    2. cd ~/Downloads/tuntap.10.6
    3. cp *.kext /Applications/ (and overwrite both kexts)
    4. cd /Applications/
    5. sudo chown -R root:wheel tap.kext/
    6. sudo chown -R root:wheel tun.kext/
    7. sudo kextutil -t *.kext (should not display anything as there should not be any errors; or will display permission errors if previous commands are not executed properly)
    8. close
  5. start TunnelBlick again and try VPN connection, should be working

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